Hanging a picture has never been easier! We offer a complete range of Hanging Systems which enable you to hang your pictures quickly and easily in every situation.
SHE picture rail can be mounted to all types of wall and ceiling. The possibilities are endless, our patented picture hanging systems can be used to hang pictures on plaster walls, drywall, brick walls, etc.

Hanging pictures without nails

Mounting the picture rail is very easy. Changing wall decorations, pictures, paintings or photo frames couldn’t be easier using the matching picture hooks and cords. Hang multiple picture frames and make your own collage in a matter of seconds. Moreover, using our picture hanging rails you don’t need to drill ugly holes in your walls anymore. Once the picture rail  is installed, you can organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without using nails or screws.  It’s an investment that you will benefit from during the total time of occupancy in your home, office or building!

The SHE Picture Hanging System presents numerous different ways and solutions to help you hang your pictures safely, flexibly and elegantly. It offers mounting videos and ideas ox`n how to hang pictures at your home or workspace, gallery, museum, school, university, hospital etc.  Take a look at our products pages, there’s bound to be an Art Hanging System that fulfills your needs!


SHE Co. provide picture hanging systems provides picture hanging systems that are multi-functional and hanging accessories for walls and ceilings. We develop, manufacture and distribute safe and flexible hanging solutions for a wide range of wall objects. These can include both decorative objects (paintings, drawings) and practical items (whiteboards, coat hooks, mirrors). Many of our products are patented and have been awarded prizes.

Our goal is to offer people freedom as they use and decorate their walls. Sustainable building management and cost savings are key in our approach.

SHE Co. also provides picture hanging systems are rail systems:

  • a narrow aluminum rail is mounted to a wall or ceiling
  • a cord is hooked into the rail
  • a hook slides over the cord to the desired height
  • an object can be suspended from the hook

Our picture hanging systems are not only designed for hanging up paintings. You could also use our systems to hang:

  • bulletin boards
  • whiteboards
  • notice boards
  • mirrors
  • clocks
  • drawings
  • seasonal decorations
  • advertising material
  • floor plans and escape routes
  • coat racks